Traditional Mexican interior design & architecture are characterized by bold sun-drenched color palettes, scrolling ironwork, stucco walls, and beautiful handcrafted accents. So how do we incorporate traditional design elements in a modern interior?

Today's Mexican family exemplifies the attributes we learned from our forefathers.

It is important that we continue to highlight our beautiful & rich traditions for our children and many generations to come. The modern Mexican home is a versatile environment in which we raise our family, prepare delicious meals & feasts and gather with our family to celebrate special occasions. For some of us it's also where we work and it's our personal retreat.

Modern interior design generally refers to furniture and design that is free of unnecessary ornament, with emphasis on spaces and simple shapes. Features include white walls, clean lines, and ornamental restraint. In the 21st century more of us are seeking a modern approach to interior design as we've grown to love the sleek & sophisticated feel.

Luis Barragan (1902-1988) is perhaps the most well-known Mexican architect to integrate the international modern movement in his work while referencing the ranchos & haciendas of traditional Mexico. A balance with nature can be accomplished by introducing interior gardens, evoking the fresh patios, & courtyards found in traditional homes.

Emphasizing traditional wall art on the modern blank canvas or “white walls” can create contemplative corridors, and bold focal points in any room. Bursts of vibrant colors can also be carefully integrated into your design using accents such as decorative pillows, rugs, and traditional handcrafts.

Rich patterned ceramic tiles which characterize traditional Mexican homes can also be used in a modern setting to accent kitchen or restroom counter tops & back splashes. By carefully coordinated selections you can create interesting floor pattern designs or use to accent stairs & fireplaces.

The photos provided illustrate a beautiful collaboration & harmonious balance between traditional Latino elements and modern design. Traditional handcrafted art & detailed pottery from various Mexican states including, Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Jalisco, and Chihuahua is displayed. The Folk Art is encased in wall niches lit up with colorful backdrops, and contrasted by the surrounding white walls. Modern design is about simplicity and ideally a quiet neutral background & smooth wall finish, accented by bold focal points will create the desired effect.

Incorporate traditional design elements in a Modern interior by using the following tips:

  • Coordinate & plan tile accents

  • Selectively place colorful decorative pillows, rugs, and accents

  • Consider hiring a color consultant or professional interior designer

  • Display & Accent Heirlooms and Folk-Art in wall niches highlighted with vibrant backdrops

  • Arrange wall art in simple patterns to create contemplative corridors

  • Use bold paintings or wall art as a focal points on white or neutral walls

  • Illuminate selected architectural features such as wall niches, columns, & trim

Photos By Talia J. Kauk Photography

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